Exterior Special

Also known as Wash, Clay, & Wax/Seal


The Exterior Detailing package is designed to focus on vehicles that require special attention to the finish. It is highly recommended for new cars that have not had their finishes sealed or waxed. Contrary to public perception, when you purchase your brand new car from the dealership, they normally do NOT seal or wax your finish before delivery. They simply run it through their wash bay to clean it up for you.

Our Exterior Detailing service includes hand washing your car using premium rinseless soap and spot free water, using microfiber wash mitts or big red sponge. We wipe down all door jambs, trunk and hood area. Clay bar paint to remove contaminates. wax/tar remover to remove any left over waxes or sealants. We then apply a high grade polymer paint sealer which is applied by machine. buffed for brilliant shine after sealant flashes. It will last for 6-8 months depending on your maintenance routine. We then clean and shine your rims, and apply tire shine.


Cars starting at 100

Mid size Trucks/SUV starting at 120

Large oversized Truck/SUV starting at 145

Video showing our process Below for this package!

Exterior Detail on a beautiful Shelby mustang.