Interior Special

Starting at 125


The Interior Detailing package is designed to focus on vehicles that simply need special attention to the vehicles interior. We start out by thoroughly vacuuming the interior making sure to get all those hard to reach places under the seats and between the console area. We then clean all the cup holders, air conditioning vents, door panels & compartments, dash, and center console area. All leather or upholstered surfaces are scrubbed clean, and or extracted(if needed), to remove the grit and the grime from in between the grain of the leather or upholstery. After which we apply a water based leather conditioner to restore your leather to keep it soft and supple(if leather). UV protactant on all plastic surfaces and dash. We shampoo the carpets and floor mats using high quality upholstery soaps which foam all the dirt and grime to the surface, after which we extract contaminants and soap residue using our 210 degree hot water soil extractor. 

Pricing subject to change due to vehicles condition, including excessive pet hair, dirt, trash inside vehicle.

*We place all personal small items in a bag for you.