Platinum Detail

Is this right for you?

 The Platinum Detail is a package specifically setup for your deep cleaning detail.  This is the top of the line package where were covering all the nooks, and cranny’s like people would say when looking for a good professional service to come clean there vehicle.  This isn’t your standard cleaning, we go into detail and add extra attention to your vehicles interior, as well as exterior , the polishing step added to this package can greatly enhance your vehicles appearance. 


Cars starting at 315

Truck/SUVs starting at 365

Whats the fuss all about ?


  • Vacuum vehicles interior, to include carpets, floor mats, crevices, under seats and trunk areas.
  • Detail all areas which need to be cleaned and gone over as a full detail cleaning.
  • Remove all plastic inserts from console and cupholder areas and scrub those areas as well. Clean door pockets and dash area which includes the gauges.
  • apply and spray carpets with a carpet shampoo, which will allow the dirt and the soils to rise from the carpets, and we shampoo/extract with a 210 degree hot water extracting system. This will leave your carpets, and floor mats in like new condition. If no staining
  • Clean the leather, apply interior UV protectant to all leather or vinyl surfaces.
  • pressure wash paint ,Hand wash using De-Ionized Spot Free Water and rinseless wash 
  • Pressure wash finish, rims, tires, and wheel well areas.
  • Air blow and hand dry vehicle to remove water from surfaces and crevices.
  • Prepping your paints clear coat, we will clay bar your vehicle from top to bottom, ensuring we remove all the top contaminants off your clear coat.
  • Single stage Polish that brings the vehicles paint up to 70-80% better paint clarity and shine ( Paint Improvement depends on current paint condition.)
  • Wax/tar/oil remover to make sure all polish oils are eliminated. 
  • We apply a polymer paint sealant after polishing your vehicles finish to properly seal your paint.  This will last anywhere from 6-10 months depending on how you maintain your vehicle throughout that period of time.
  • Clean and shine vehicle rims with tire shine.
  • We apply a protectant to your vehicle’s trim surface which helps restore them back to the original finish, and it also has a UV protect to help maintain the trim surfaces from being damaged from the sun.
  • Clean all windows inside and out.