Silver detail

For Who

 The Silver Detail is a package specifically setup for your everyday car that is fairly clean, and has been well maintained throughout the time of you owning it.  This is a package we offer for the car care lovers who want a professional car detailing service coming out, servicing your vehicle every 3-4 months of a full detail package. 


2 door car starting at 150 

4 door/Crossover starting at 165

Small truck/SUV starting at 175

Large Oversized Truck/SUV starting at 185



  • Vacuum vehicles interior, to include carpets, floor mats, crevices, under seats .
  • Spot detail all areas which need to be cleaned and gone over as a maintenance cleaning. Clean with Steam.
  • Remove all plastic inserts from console and cupholder areas and scrub those areas as well. Clean door pockets and dash area which includes the gauges.
  • spot detail carpets (steam), and floor mats ensuring they look in soil free.
  • Apply interior protectant to all leather or vinyl surfaces.
  • Hand wash using a rinseless wash system to save water and is Eco friendly
  • Pressure wash finish, rims, tires, and wheel well areas.
  • Hand dry vehicle to remove water from surfaces and crevices.
  • We apply an express wax on your vehicles paint to protect from the harsh sun rays from damaging the clear coat.
  • wipe down door jams
  • Clean and shine vehicle rims with tire shine.
  • We apply a protectant to your vehicle’s exterior trim surface which helps restore them back to the original finish, and it also has a UV protect to help maintain the trim surfaces from being damaged from the sun.
  • Clean all windows inside and out.
  • We also have lemon scent spray.