car emblem removal

Ozone Treatment/Odor Removal starting at 50

 Ozone is great for removing bad odors. (Cigarette smoke, Mold, mildew, Food and Pets)Ozone goes straight to the source , which in most cases is Bacteria. Ozone treatments also help eliminate cigarette smell and kill mold. Since it kills bacteria this treatment is also great for flu season to get kill any potential virus/bacteria lingering in your vehicle. treatments range from a half hour to 1 hour. Any removal of bio-hazard will increase the price. 

Headlight Restoration starting at 50


A Multiple step process that that will make your headlights clear again. 

3 step sanding followed by compound and polishing, then finished off with a synthetic sealant to ,maintain clarity.

Emblem removal starting price varies

 Using heat to safely loosen the adhesive on the back of the emblem and then using a high strength fishing line to gently separate the emblem from the paint. Followed by removing the adhesive on the paint with a eraser wheel. Then polishing to blend . Then protected with a spray sealant.

Pet Hair Removal and/or Embedded Sand

Agitating carpet to release and vacuum  as much pet hair and/or sand as possible in the allotted time. Price Varies. Starting at $25+

Engine Bay

Price varies ($35+) depending on the soilness and greasiness of the engine bay. Also the level of clean expected from the client.  Covering sensitive areas first. Spray cleaner and agitate on engine parts and bottom of Hood.  Clean  and dress wiper area. Rinse and apply water  based UV Protectant for a deep dark matte shine for boldness and rejuvenation of plastics.

Fabric Protection

 Spray fabric protection is put on to keep fabrics/cloth fresh, soft, colorful and breathable…all while adding a powerful coating to repel water and prevent the most serious of stains. ... When applied to clean and dry fabrics. Price varies depending on what surfaces you want applied. From just the Car mats to the entire carpet and upholstery. ($35 and up

50/50 picture of water spot removal example.

Water Spot Removal

Removal of water spots due to hard water in our area, leaving car in hot sun next to a sprinkler system is a nightmare for your paint. The Hard water penetrates deep into the clear coat making it impossible to remove with regular washing. Acidic chemicals and polishing is necessary to remove most of the spots. Even then 100% of spot embedded in the clear coat will not be removed. Especially if you vehicle has had them for a long period of time. we can only lighten the spots and make them nearly invisible.  Due to each case being different price varies greatly.